The Industrial Revolution began first in England and gradually spread to other countries on the twentieth century. Along with the Industrial Revolution and the increase in production, the need for marketing to sell mass production has been highly significant so idea creation and commercial advertising began in manner of today. Since then by benefiting from the sciences such as psychology, sociology, economics and the arts such as graphic arts, photography, architecture, film making and animation, more effective methods have been developed for successful advertisement and attract the audience. Our era is advertising age and architecture. Our meaning of this is aesthetic sense and being different people and companies, which due to a variety of products and services has led to turn their desires and ideas into reality. In the world today, a major part of these activities is carried out by the advertisement and architecture what apply new methods with extreme haste for more influence. Images, symbols and colors can convey meaningful information, the ability that no other way to do it so and of course the importance of graphic art and architecture is to the extent that the consultants and designers are who must guess the media literacy of their audience and by applying modern design and using of appropriate colors make the right decisions. Design and color is something mental and internal. A process that causes a different reaction in the minds and it may cause to appear the different responses in every person. Sometimes such reactions are because of personal priorities and somewhen due to the mental history. Design and color theory, in turn, is considered a science what today in the spaces of advertising, photography, architecture, etc., is used practically. The study of how the designs either individually or as a group, have different effects on different people is a subject that may affect some people to expand and improve their needs. Good design is in the eye of the beholder, so enjoy it. Mr.Bisun in 2001, has started his activities, with the aim of promoting cultural and artistic level, in the field of graphic design, advertising, photography and decoration. The complex with having a highly experienced team in the field of graphics, photography and architecture has made progress over the past years and has introduced itself as one of professional and reliable consultants in this field. Also currently, by relying on its scientific capabilities and valuable experiences, it has been able to meet the majority of the needs of companies, commercial centers and factories who are involved in the consulting, design and implementation of advertising and architecture projects. Hopefully, Mr.Bisun’s best efforts, in order to better introducing you in the mind of customers, Will be effective and helpful.